Dear Mama,

     Your presence is kindly requested at The Department of Signs + Symbols on Sunday the 10th day of May from Noon until Sundown for a Magical Mother's Day Happening.

    “Dear Mama: An Accolade,” curated by Jacques Smith + Rachel Libeskind, is an ode to mothers, motherhood, and all things mama -- in whatever form this primal archetype takes. Motherhood has remained perhaps the most important role in the history of humanity; and yet while we maintain a lifelong familiarity with the character of the mother, it continues to elude boundaries. Motherhood is a position that is constantly challenging it's own norm. By revaluing certain traditional characteristics of the maternal, such as nurturance, care, empathy, and passion, the artists can effectively project these ‘sentimental’ maternal traits outside their previously limited range.

    This all-female exhibition, opening onshowcasing a truly diverse set of 21 artists (including one mother) working in myriad media, each expressing a totally unique visual and conceptual expression on this universal topic of 'Mom.' Jessica Wilson explores new technology, creating an immersive world within the Oculous depicting the microscopic life of a sperm searching for an egg. The work of Alexandra Marzella deals with the emotions and complexities of having an artist for a mother;  she paints the exterior of her mother’s original work wrapped in plastic and in another work she takes a selfie in the reflection of her mother’s framed painting. 

    The renewed interest in feminist art coupled with the mainstream institutionalization of feminist art and artists has resulted in an increased visibility and acknowledgement of feminist art that engages with the topics of maternity and motherhood.  In “Dear Mama: An Accolade,” the daughters present offerings to their mothers in the form of art objects and relics, exposing the ideological representation of motherhood and the lived experience of being a mother. The artists have concieved the maternal, as new bodies of feminist knowledge offer revolutionary ways for rethinking human relationships and creating new forms of maternal culture.